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Conclude helps teams manage critical incidents, make important decisions, coordinate product launches, recruit employees and much more.

No learning curve attached - Conclude is a pure Slack application!

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Manage activities. Conclude faster.

Companies often stumble and lose sight of even crucial matters in the daily operational grind.

Conclude enables teams to drive activities forward in a structured way, with increased focus, engagement and urgency.

Thousands of companies use Conclude to manage their activities and drive them to conclusion faster.

Raise an issue. Engage your team. Conclude.

Conclude improves your team’s ability to collaborate on activities with 3 main steps:


Raise an issue in the appropriate Slack channel and gather the response team.

Raise an issue or activity in Slack, bring together the response team, get colleagues' attention

Engage the team and discuss the matter in a dedicated channel created by Conclude. Drive your issue towards resolution.

Engage the team, discuss the problem, solve problem, bring to resolution through collaboration

A conclusion is reached and the dedicated channel archived. All the information related to the incident is stored for later review.

Conclude, bring to conclusion, get closure, result-oriented, drive results

Stay in control. Maintain transparency.

Conclude’s Dashboard gives the team a graphical overview of daily and weekly activities. From here you can zoom into ongoing and historic data, and easily access any information, including the team discussion that led to a conclusion (the audit log).

Conclude Dashboard

Conclude’s Report is a fully searchable table that lets you find any information quickly. It takes milliseconds to look up all open recruitment processes that were started in October.

Conclude Report
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A straightforward solution for Slack

Conclude was created by entrepreneurs who build and scale companies. We are fanatic about simplicity and believe a heavy process-oriented culture stifles creativity and slows growth. Contrarily, a complete lack of process invites chaos and trouble.

So we made Conclude: a productivity solution designed for managing activities in Slack teams.