Frequently Asked Questions

What is Conclude? Why do I need it?

Organizations encounter unexpected incidents every day. Conclude integrates with Slack to give your team superpowers! Raise an issue and assemble a tactical response team for any challenge.

Conclude will create a dedicated channel for each issue where you can engage stakeholders and get to a conclusion. Once resolved, Conclude archives your issue and shares the conclusion with your team.

If you're interested to learn more, we wrote a blog (Beyond Decisions) about our journey to where Conclude is today and how we want to help your organization.

How do I install Conclude?

This Quick Start Guide take you through the steps to install and start using Conclude.

How much does Conclude cost?

Conclude Basic is free, however we plan to introduce a premium version soon. Once we do, we'll add a pricing page to our site. Send us an email if you want to know when premium features are available!

Where can I find Conclude's Terms of Service?

All the fine print in Conclude's Terms of Service is listed on our site.

Why can't I find Concludebot in Slack?

Have you checked for Concludebot under your 'Direct Message'? That's where she hangs out.

Can I flag items in Conclude?

You can use all the tools available in Slack inside channels raised with Conclude. Slack allows you to pin your chats and keep a running tab on the sidebar.

By the way, Slack also lets you post reminders.

How do I /raise an issue?

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the channel where you want to raise an issue.

  2. Type the command /raise followed by the issue you'd like to bring to the attention of your team.

  3. Invite the people who will help drive a conclusion.

Best practices:

For more information, you can visit the HOW TO section of our site.

How do I /conclude an issue?

Just use the command /conclude once your team has reached a conclusion. Close the issue with a brief synopsis following the /conclude command so the decision or outcome is clear to anyone who needs to review the issue. If you don't want to provide a synopsis, Concludebot will notify your team the issue has been closed without a summary.

For more information, you can visit the HOW TO section of our site.

How can I share Conclude with my team?

We suggest:

No one likes unfamiliarity in an emergency, so start with something light.

/raise Happy hour ends at 6:00 – it's 5:15. Time to go!! @your @friends @here

If you haven't told your team about Conclude, just type the command /concludebot welcome in any channel and we'll introduce ourselves!

My team is new to Slack. Any tips?

Since Conclude is built for Slack, all the great hacks you can use inside the messaging platform apply to Conclude as well. The more comfortable your team is in Slack, the better they can use Conclude. Read through this short list of 11 tips for using Slack and share it with your team if you find it helpful.

How come my team cannot access Conclude?

Make sure your Slack permissions are set so your team can use everything Conclude has to offer.

If your Slack channel has some restricted apps, make sure Conclude is approved for your users.

What password do I use to Authorize Conclude?

If you are a team administrator, use the email and password associated with your Slack account. If you are not authorized to install Conclude, request access from your team administrator.

Is there a list of commands for Conclude?

Yes, you can find a list of all commands listed on our HOW TO page.

How do I review my history with Conclude?

The feed on Conclude's dashboard is the best way to review your history. You can access the feed by clicking on a /raise or /conclude command as it appears in your Slack feed or use the address <>.

Can I reopen a topic that's been Concluded?

Yes, simply open the issue in Conclude's dashboard and click "Re-open" to revisit an issue.

How do I rename a channel?

Concludebot can help you rename a channel with the command
/concludebot rename <new-name>.

For instance, Concludebot generates a temporary channel name based on the Slack channel of origin with the command
/raise The server is on fire!!

Inside the temporary channel, you can adjust the name to something more appropriate:
/concludebot rename Burning-Server

Can I apply tags to my issues ?

Yes. In fact, Slack encourages you to use hashtags (#) before key words to help organize your channels. While the default tag will be the channel in which you /raise an issue, adding a tag (for instance, #design) may be useful if you plan to revise your history with Conclude at a later date.

How do I change the date format when setting a deadline?

Conclude uses your web browser preference when setting up your display for dates. It will mirror either mm/dd/yyyy or dd/mm/yyyy.

What's the difference between /concludebot and @concludebot

Both /concludebot and @concludebot will produce the same outcome. If you want to set a deadline for 24 hours from now, /concludebot set deadline 24 hours or @concludebot set deadline 24 hours will do exactly the same thing.

The difference is /concludebot is as a Slack that will perform a function and share the result with the channel, whereas @concludebot sends a chat message to Concludebot, just like you would send a message to another team member. Such messages are visible for everyone in the channel, hence in this example, everyone would see your exact communication with the bot.