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Raise an issue

/raise <the issue you need to address>

Works in any Slack channel. The primary command creates a new, temporary channel where your team can address an issue. Mention specific @users to build a custom team. Issues raised in private channels invite all members by default.

Once you raise an issue...


/conclude <with a brief summary>

This final command closes an issue and archives the temporary channel. The conclusion is posted in the original channel to recap the issue for all members.

Access Conclude's Feed

/concludebot app

Redirects to the issue in Conclude's dashboard. This provides a platform to manage the issue at hand and review a log of your team's history using the feed.

You can also...

Edit an issue

/raise <replacement text for the issue>

Update your issue to make any adjustments or clarify the issue. This will replace text previously generated by the /raise command.

Invite stakeholders

/concludebot invite @your @colleagues

Engage key team members to bring any issue to resolution quickly. Concludebot will notify these people of the issue so you can get to work.

rename a channel

/concludebot rename <raised issue>

Customize your channel with a name that best suits the issue at hand. This will replace the channel name Concludebot generates.

Set a deadline

/concludebot set deadline <specify time>

Specify a deadline for your issue and Concludebot will remind your team of the deadline. You can also show or clear existing deadlines with Concludebot.

And if you...

Need a little help

/concludebot help

Shows the available commands. The result is only visible to the user who typed the command.

Want to share Concludebot with your team

/concludebot welcome

Send a message to the current channel introducing Concludebot. Just type the command and we'll introduce ourself.

Want to tell us what you think

/concludebot feedback <Feedback>

Send us a note right from Slack. We're always happy to hear how teams use Conclude and will be equally happy to address any issues with the product.

Raise. Engage. Conclude.

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