It works everywhere

Conclude is built for Slack and is available on all major devices.
It works in your public and private channels and can be deployed simultaneously
in multiple teams. It is designed to manage incidents in all your business units.

Conclude installs in Slack in less than one minute and does not require
any separate login or user management for your team.

Conclude Basic

Conclude Business

$9.75 per user* per month, billed annually.
Minimum 5 users
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Plan Features
All Conclude commands used inside Slack
Access to Conclude App**
Feed: view and manage your issues in detail
Dashboard: graphical, realtime incidents overview Past 31 days Full historical view
Report: highly detailed grid-overview of all issues, ongoing and past. Extensive search functionality. Past 31 days Full historical view
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*User: Anyone using Conclude to raise issues and/or follow their discussions in Slack. Anyone reviewing & managing issues in the Conclude app.

**The Conclude App is your incident management tool and information repository. It provides full overview of your teams incidents and let you search and manage each issue in detail. Past and current resolutions and their related discussions can be reviewed and shared with your peers at any point in time. No information is ever lost, making Conclude a perfect information-sharing tool.