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Commands in team channels


/conclude <conclusion>
Creates a new <conclusion> in the current channel.


/raise <issue>
Creates a new temporary channel where you can discuss the raised >issue<. Any users that are @mentioned will be automatically invited to the channel. To engage everyone in the channel, use @channel and everyone will be invited.
When raising from a private channel, all members in that channel will be auto-invited to the temporary channel.


Creates a new temporary channel where you can discuss the raised issue uninterrupted.

Commands inside raised issues (temporary channel)


/conclude <conclusion>
Replaces the raised issue with the conclusion and archives the temporary channel. The conclusion will now be posted in the original channel and the Conclude's web feed will record the raised issue with the conclusion as a summary.
<conclusion> is optional so if you just type /conclude the issue will be the conclusion.


Adds the raised issue to your feed as a conclusion.

Edit issue

/raise <issue>
Update the raised issue with the new <new text>.

Set a deadline

/deadline <in 3 hours>
Sets a deadline for the issue. Other examples of valid arguments are:
  • tomorrow morning
  • friday at 15:00
  • 8/24/2016

View deadline

Displays the current deadline for the issue.

Clear the deadline

/deadline clear
Removes the deadline for the issue.

Invite stakeholders

/invite @user
This is a builtin Slack command that can be used to invite @user to the issue.

Additional Commands


/concludebot help
Shows the available commands. The result is only visible to the user who typed the command.


/concludebot welcome
Sends a message to @here introducing the Concludebot in the current channel.


/concludebot feedback <feedback>
Sends the given <feedback> to the Conclude team.

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